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3GLOW Controller

3GLOW device lets you control your LED lighting via IOS or Android.
It can be used in every environment where LED lighting takes place such as decorative lighting, indoor smart lighting; outdoor, pool, stretch-ceiling, ceiling and vehicles.

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Device Dimensions : 21 / 50.2 / 70 mm

Supply Voltage : 4V - 24V

Output Power : 360W (30A) @ 12V

Antenna Power : +20dBm (300m LOS)

WiFi : 2.4GHz WPA/WPA2 802.11b/g/n


Lighting is about more than just illuminating the dark. With 3GLOW application, it's easy to change the color of your lighting and enlivening the environment with newly added features. You can automatically control the LED lighting by criteria: speed, acceleration, altitude, rotation, camera, music and more.

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Led Calculator

According to the RGB LED type, it calculates the other items you need to use.

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